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The Muttering Sickness
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The Last Days of Radio is a supercharged aural odyssey through the multiform broadcasting nodes of the twentieth century. The Last Days of Radio uses samples available only from the respective era. Where the palette of the 1940s draws from newsreels, Fascist rallies, and Tokyo Rose, the insular 1970s traps the listener in a muscle-car death machine riding the long road to nowhere.
Davis Schneiderman   is a multimedia writer and scholar. He is the Director of Lake Forest College Press/&NOW Books, Associate Dean of the Faculty, and Director of the Center for Chicago Programs at Lake Forest College. Composer and musicologist   Don Meyer   has written original scores for a number of independent films, incidental music and sound collages for plays, online literary journals, dance troupes, choirs, chamber music ensembles, and television commercials. He is currently Professor Music Department at Lake Forest College. Web Development -- Madeeha Lamoreaux